Leasing & Warranty

Leasing & Warranty

Any Chevrolet vehicle available to our market is sold through Nassau Motor Company at competitive prices.

NMC Leasing – The Smart Alternative

Nassau Motor Company Leasing is currently the only retailer in The Bahamas with a fully developed in-house leasing program for qualified corporate and individual clients. Leases are “all inclusive” and available on a three-year term. Fill out our online Lease Application or download our  brochure & lease application in PDF format, or read our Lease FAQ Page.

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Why Lease?

Leasing offers the best alternative to conventional automobile financing in today’s high-priced market.

Qualified customers pay only for the portion of a vehicle’s value they intend to use. Plus, leasing offers these unique benefits:

• Low down payment

• One monthly payment covers all

• Drive a new car every three years

• No re-sale risks or trade-in hassles

• Includes insurance, maintenance, licensing and inspection every year

• Free loaner if your leased car is off the road for mechanical problems for more than three business days

• No body shop hassles if you are involved in an accident

• No hidden charges

• Sell your present car and put the money in the bank to earn interest

Why Pay More?

With the average cost for a good new car today continuing to increase, using traditional financing you would have to raise a 10-25 per cent down-payment plus the first year’s insurance premium.

With NMC Leasing you pay a three-month lease fee and drive away with your money in the bank earning interest!

For a convenient, single monthly payment you enjoy all the benefits, and avoid all the problems, of vehicle own er ship. No worries about paying the insurance company, paying for maintenance, licensing, or the other expenses associated with owning a new car.

All required services are per formed by NMC’s factory-trained technicians at no cost to you. Normal wear items and all engine components are re placed when necessary at no cost to you. (Damage to tyres, antennas, or other parts of the vehicle is not included).

Should a claim on our insurance policy be necessary, you are responsible for the deductible or any increase in premiums. If you are involved in an accident, simply report it to the police and the insurance company, pay your deductible and leave the rest to us. We will take care of all the repairs.

All services (accident or maintenance) must be per formed by or through Nassau Motor Company. If your car is off the road for more than three working days as a result of a mechanical problem, a free loaner vehicle will be provided. In the event of an accident, no loaners are available unless available through the insurance of the car that hit you

Three year and 100,000KMS manufacturer warranties are provided with any new vehicle purchased. Manufacturer warranties are generally invalidated when vehicles are imported into The Bahamas by anyone other than the Bahamas’ representative. It is important to buy locally to receive the fullest protection for your investment.