Colorado ®

Made for all fields.

In real life there are always new grounds to explore and keep growing. That’s why you need a pickup capable of traversing any field, with the technology, safety and experience that the Colorado offers you. Because it is equipped with a double cab and a 2.8 turbo engine with 200 HP as standard and 500 Nm of torque. In addition to autonomous emergency braking, 6 standard airbags, lane departure, frontal collision and tire pressure warning. Basically everything so that you never, never stop moving forward.


Much more convenient from all angles

The details of the new Colorado make the difference. Explore the convenience of a pickup truck that offers a superior comfort experience with a parking sensor that warns you of obstacles in the front of the vehicle, rain sensor and more.

Mile after mile, we’ve got you covered

Rest easy knowing that long after you drive your new Chevrolet off the lot, you’ll be covered by our comprehensive Complete Care package.

Colorado documents

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