Leasing FAQs

Leasing FAQs

Nassau Motor Leasing FAQS

Q. What happens if I return my vehicle before the lease expires?

A. The lease must be paid in full for one year plus a 25 per cent surcharge on the balance due.

Q. Who Provides the insurance?

A. NMC Leasing arranges insurance for every vehicle it leases. Premium cost are included in your monthly payments. You may be required to complete an insurance application.

Q. What happens if the vehicle is stolen?

A. Unfortunately, insurance coverage does not extend to a rental car if your car is stolen. NMC Leasing will make every effort to provide alternative transportation where possible. Insurance coverage will replace a stolen vehicle if it is not recovered within four to six weeks.

Q. In what condition must I return the car?

A. Treat the vehicle in a responsible manner as if it were your own. Any problem will be pointed out at your service intervals.

Q. Who can drive the car besides me?

A. Only the lessee and his or her spouse may drive the car unless arrangements for additional drivers are approved by the insurance company. Additional charges may apply. The insurance deductible is $600 for drivers 27 years and older, and $900 for drivers under 27.

Q. What are my up front costs?

A. You pay the first and last two monthly payments up front. The last two months are held in abeyance until the lease expires.

Q. How do we handle payments?

A. At inception we would like to receive 12 post dated cheques. We will send a reminder when we use the last one.

Terms and conditions are subject to change