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Beat the unbeatable

This awe-inspiring SUV was created for those who dare to achieve so much more and those who have succeeded. Learn all about its advanced technology, total connectivity, efficient turbo engine, and excellent safety features.

You own the road.

The New Chevrolet Tracker has a commanding stance thanks to its level of lift, which offers added safety and a versatile design, so you stand out as a road owner.

• Panoramic ceiling LED daytime running lights (DRL’s) in all versions
• 17” two-tone aluminum wheels
• Chrome roof rails

Don't leave anything out.

With all the storage spaces in the New Chevrolet Tracker and the 2-level adjustable trunk cover, you can take whatever you want on every trip.

Comfortably in control.

Inside, all the components are oriented towards the driver, from the touch screen to the center panel, offering a comfortable and intuitive angle, so that you remain in control of everything.

Three year and 100,000 kilometre manufacturer warranties are provided with any new vehicle purchased. Manufacturer warranties are generally invalidated when vehicles are imported into The Bahamas by anyone other than the Bahamas’ representative. It is important to buy locally to receive the fullest protection for your investment.

Added peace of mind comes along for the ride.

Our commitment to the customer continues long after delivery of the vehicle. Chevrolet Complete Care is included with all Chevrolet vehicles.

2021 Tracker Information

Looking for more information? Download the latest documents for the 2021 Tracker here:

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